Overseas Expansion Consulting


We have two elements through our experience.
These are “Keys learned by success” meaning that we use our previous successes to open the door to future ones.

Walking sticks before stumbling learned by failure” meaning that we have learnt from past failures and can protect you from making your own.

Our priorities are project management and strategy consulting.
We produce evidence using market research then we make project management proposals.

Project management is efficient.

Make the list of tasks you need for the project.
And sort them into each category.

Project strategy begins with sorting.
Put these tasks in order of deadline and priority.

We see projects and progress from a
different perspective.

When・Who(se/m)・What・Where・How And sort them into each category.

Repeating APA will contribute to you avoiding failures and learning from success.

Marketing is an activity that reduces the chances of failure
and increases the chances of success.

『ASEAN Business Laboratory』

It is an overseas sales agency which uses influencers from Asia and the U.S. This is a part of our support of overseas expansion.Many influencers who are active in a broad variety of areas are involved.

To make the goods and services well-know and promote them overseas, the power of influencers in each country is necessary.

DOES FACTORY will plan everything from employing influencers to sales, promotion, and strategy, together.

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